2018/03/31 Dalian Branch Closed  

With the decrease of out-sourcing to China, Dalian branch is closed.

  2017/12/25 Company Relocation  

The address of the company is relocated to Room1003,Bldg.7,No.3088, Gonghexin Road, Jingan District, Shanghai.


  2016/03/01 Millions Yen Captital Increasment  

In order to enhence the financial standing of NCS&A Shanghai Co., Ltd. NCSA Co., Ltd has increased 130 millions yen on 2016/03/01, and the total capital amount of NCS&A Shanghai Co., Ltd has reached 430 millions yen after this increasment.


  2014/10/09 Acces Shanghai Co., Ltd. merged with NCS Shanghai Computer System Co., Ltd.  

On August 1st 2014, Acces Co., Ltd. merged with NCS Co., Ltd. and establish a new company NCS&A Co., Ltd.. As the wholly-owned subsidiaries of above two companies, Acces Shanghai Co., Ltd. and NCS Shanghai Computer System Co., Ltd. has begun pushing the merger process on October 1st. As the wholly-owned subsidiary of NCS&A Co., Ltd., the merged company will be name as NCS&A Shanghai Co., Ltd. and the home page will be adopted as http://www.ncsash.cn.



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