Offshore Software Development for Overseas
NCS&A Shanghai plays an important role in the development of holding company's kinds of software products, have accumulated rich experiences in software development engineering, commercial communication, quality assurance and so on. Depending on the advantage in NCS&A's resources, we are actively expanding the Japanese outsourcing bussiness, providing high cost performance offshore development services for our Japanese customers.

The R&D and Sales for Software Packages and Services
NCS&A Shanghai is strengthening the R&D for the software products and internet services, and strive to provide higher quality software products to our customers, and better service to our society.

System Integration
NCS&A Co.,Ltd Provide customized software-developing service for customers invovled in financial/government/ manufacture/communication/logistics areas for a long period and has accumulated a weath of experiences in system integration. NCS&A has engaged in a wide-ranging business and got lots of success, such as the development of system for Japan Credit Information Reference Center, that has won critical and public acclaim; and the development of system for large Insurance Company, that has created a software monolith in that field; and also providing the R&D packages and marketing angcy services for our customers.
NCS&A Shanghai may bring the most advanced SI technologies to China, and provide high quality service for our customers.






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