"PLANET" is consisted of "FORWARD PLANET" and "REVERSE PLANET". "FORWARD PLANET" is an integrated CASE tool, and be able to greatly improve the system development efficiency and quality of production, and also can carry out the unified management of all informations from design to development. "REVERSE PLANET" is an intergrated analysis tool, that can greatly improve the efficiency and quality for system maintenance and improvement, and also can carry on the concise visualization analysis of source code structure of the current system, can automatically determine the modified source position and influence scope.
"PLANET" resolved a perpetual contradictory theme―"Higher efficiency and higher quality".

"Factory-ONE" Computer Factory MF
"Factory-ONE" is a manufacture manager system carter to growing medium or small sized manufacturing company, and used to restructure the business flow in sales, production and cost contorl and so on. Based on the cloud service, you can get the information of inventory , import / output status , and also the the manufacture situations of of factory anywhere in real time through lightweight apps on the smart-phones or tablets.


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